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The Bondtech LGX For Flexibles was renamed.
Current name is LGX Shortcut. Current available versions include the LGX Shortcut Copperhead and LGX Shortcut Mosquito.

There are 2 main differences between the LGX Shortcut and the LGX ACE:

  1. The most obvious is the positioning of the heatsink. The LGX Shortcut has a reversible heatsink that can be used at the left or right hand side of the printhead. The LGX ACE uses the heatsink as a fixed monolithic block at the front.
  2. The second is a consequence of the first. The LGX Shortcut is more flexible to mount and enables more setups. The LGX ACE delivers more cooling capacity due to its monolithic structure of the heatsink and cold block.

Bondtech hotends

using bi-metallic technology by Slice Engineering

for desktop, professional and industrial 3D printers

Improve the thermal performance and flexibility of your printer with high quality components designed and made by specialists.