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Voron StealthBurner Compatible Housing Sets for Bondtech LGX Lite and Mosquito hotends

4 magnificent, rigid and heat tolerant housing options; Voron StealthBurner inspired and compatible; to host the LGX Lite or LGX Lite PRO eXtruders; and Mosquito or Mosquito Magnum+ hotends. All made with the Bondtech Black & SLS style.

Toolhead Housing Naming conventions

  • 5015 - housing sets to use one 5015 part cooling fan.
  • CPAP - housing sets to use CPAP part cooling.
  • PLUS - housing sets to use Mosquito Magnum+ hotends.
Note: The only compatible Magnum+ hotend is the air-cooled 1.75mm version. Click here to open its page.