The LGX Extruder Features Bondtech's New Dual Drive Technology



All About The LGX Large Gears eXtruder

What is new on Bondtech’s Dual Drive Technology and LGX™?

The Dual Drive Technology from Bondtech is a reference in filament feeding. Nevertheless, we knew it was possible to improve on it, so we challenged ourselves to go even further.
We truly believe the Dual Drive Technology featured in the LGX™ is a huge leap forward in filament feeding technology.
Below follow the seven improvements we made and what added value for the users we created with them.

Use It As A Bowden Extruder

Install the included Bowden Interface Plug on the Multi-function Interface Socket and you can use the LGX™ as a bowden extruder.

Currently available Upgrade Kits for Bowden Setups

Find below the Upgrade Kits currently available to use the LGX™ as a bowden extruder.

The LGX™ B for Anycubic Mega-X includes nothing more than the LGX™ itself.

It also can be bought by people that want to use the LGX™ on other printer models.

Use It As A Direct Drive Extruder

Install the included Direct Drive Interface Plug on the Multi-function Interface Socket and you can use the LGX™ as a direct drive extruder.

This Interface Plug is compatible with the Slice Engineering mounting pattern of the Copperhead™ and Mosquito™ hotends.

These Upgrade Kits are available for Direct Drive Setups

Find below the Upgrade Kits currently available to use the LGX™ as a direct drive extruder.

The LGX™ can be used as a direct drive extruder with the following hotends:

LGX™ & Copperhead™

For hobby users

LGX™ & Mosquito™

For professional users

LGX™ & Mosquito™ Magnum

For manufacturing users

The applications that best profit from the solution below are scarse.
Only those using materials requiring enclosed chambers reaching working air temperatures under 80°C, and no part cooling, are a good match.
With the due precautions, the list of materials is limited to ABS, HIPS, Nylon, and PolyCarbonate.

LGX™ & Mosquito™ Liquid

For specific manufacturing applications

Use It As A Full Print-head

Special Interface Plugs can be designed to create special setups for the LGX™. The first to be released is based on an air cooled cold block application.

Install the Air Cooled Cold Block Interface Plug on the Multi-function Interface Socket, and pair it with a Cold Block Heat Sink, and you can use the LGX™ as a short filament path print-head. We call it LGX™ for Flexibles.

The set is completed with a Copperhead™ Hot Block, a Copperhead™ LGX™ Heat Break and a Bondtech Coated Brass Nozzle.

The goal for creating this first special setup was to supply a compact and short filament path solution to better handle flexible filaments.

The LGX™ For Flexibles handles any kind of material, but especially well the flexible and soft materials.

Currently available LGX Shortcut & ACE short filament path printheads

Find below the LGX based printheads currently available.

What Beta Testers Said

After long months of product development we sent some units to beta testers, ranging from end users, to corporate professionals and OEM partners. We got amazing feedback, and also suggestions to improve that are already integrated in the current product design.

Here is what they told us.

What is your feedback on the LGX about Performance?

“The softest TPU I used was shore 85A, which the extruder had no trouble with at 50 mm/s.”

“I also do want to add that one of my own installed heatsink cooling fans had a bearing go bad which meant it spun about 300 RPM tops and it still printed PLA just fine. THAT’S IMPRESSIVE!!!”

What is your feedback on the LGX about Usability?

“This is by far the easiest to use extruder I have worked with to date.”

“Loading filament is just perfect. I can’t imagine having it easier. It feels SO good to not HAVE TO use menus to load and unload.”

What is your feedback on the LGX about Quality?

“The print quality was excellent. My overall quality impression is that even the prototype is a much better and easier to use system than most extruders currently on the market.”

“My final words is gonna have to be this: Man you really screwed yourself. How will you be able to improve upon this? You basically created the perfect extruder.”

What is your feedback on the LGX about Look and Feel?

“This is the most impressive and technologically innovative extruder by Bondtech yet. And that is saying something since Bondtech is already the world leader in FDM extrusion technology.”

“First impression is the printed Nylon looks and feels very good. The two gears being visible on either side of the logo look great.”

“It’s the best extruder I have ever seen… It’s beautiful … I’m also quite stunned about how fast it can print flex.”