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Hotend Upgrades for the Raise3D Pro2+

The Raise3D Pro2+ features a dual extruder designed and manufactured by Bondtech from factory. For that reason this section does not include extruder upgrades. We know there are some complaints regarding the extruder and people still come to us asking for an upgrade. After investigation we found out that the clogs and under-extrusion issues that affect long PLA and TPU prints come from the hotend.

For that reason we present here hotend upgrades based on Copperhead technology from Slice Engineering.

The Raise3D Pro2 Upgrade Bundle is oriented to professional and industrial users and features a more complete setup to Engineering grade and composite thermoplastics.

Soon this list will feature also a simple solution for the heat-creep and under-extrusion problems with PLA and TPU, developed by Bondtech and based on Copperhead technology as well, called Bondtech Hotend Fix For Raise3D Pro2.