Extruder Upgrade Kits based on the LGX ACE for Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro





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Bondtech Upgrade Kits

for Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro

desktop FDM / FFF 3D printers

based on the LGX ACE toolheads.

Improve the extrusion capacity of your 3D printer with these upgrade kits from Bondtech.

Why should you buy any of these upgrade kits?

Grip it, print it, love it!
Say goodbye to under-extrusion headaches with our game-changing LGX eXtruder. Experience fewer print fails and smoother prints thanks to enhanced filament grip.

Consistency reigns supreme.
With the LGX eXtruder, preset tensions ensure that every print delivers the same stellar results. No more second-guessing – just reliable, repeatable perfection.

Cool down and rev up!
Introducing our brand-new 5015 part cooling fan. Amplified cooling means accelerated printing speeds and impeccable overhangs, allowing you to push the boundaries of your creations with confidence.

Shorten the path, amplify the potential!
Enter the LGX ACE hotend. Not only does it streamline the filament path, but it also champions the printing of flexible filaments with unparalleled support. Bonus: Enjoy an extra boost in speed thanks to increased flow.

Hassle-free installation, guaranteed.
Our upgrade kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a seamless installation process that takes less than half an hour. Spend less time tinkering and more time bringing your ideas to life!