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The DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality!

After so much time under development the Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality 3D printers is available now!

A light and versatile direct drive extruder that will fit most of the Ender and CR models from Creality. Easy to install and able to work with the original hotend, this Upgrade Kit can also work with Copperhead™ and Mosquito™ hotends.

Based on our BMG Bondtech Mini Geared, this is an extruder that even as new has already proven so much.

To the CR-10S Pro adapter set
To the Ender-3 adapter set

Copperhead™ hotend is here!

Rated up to 450°C, the Copperhead™ hot-end covers a wide gamut of printable thermoplastics and uses the same Bimetallic Heat Break™ technology found in the ground-breaking Mosquito™ to optimize heat transfer and reduce heat-creep. Modern design and high-quality materials are used, including a hardened Nickel plated Copper Alloy hot block, and a bimetallic heat break with Stainless Steel and Copper Alloy.

Shape it to your will:

Choose a Heat Sink
Choose a Heat Break
Add a Hot Block

Maxi Upgrades For The Mini!

We studied and tested the popular Prusa Mini and developed these 2 Upgrade Kits below. The feeder is based on our proven and popular Bondtech Mini Geared (BMG) extruder. The Stainless Steel Heat-break is designed to avoid the heat creep and it comes with a PTFE tube sized and chamfered to prevent clogs.

Order yours right now!
Order yours right now!

Bowden Feeder Upgrade For The CR-10 V2

A real and original Bondtech Mini Geared (BMG) is the heart of this Upgrade Kit. It's easy to install. It improves the resolution and control over the filament extrusion. It adds so much value to this already good desktop 3D printer.

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When You Need Power, We Give You Power!

The Quick Release (QR) is a compact, flexible and powerful filament feeder. Available for 1.75 and 2.85mm, it uses 476.5 or 492.45 e-steps value enabling higher resolution and a gearing ratio of 5:1 for higher push force.

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When You Need Special, We Give You Custom!

This custom QR extruder was developed during a bespoke development project to keep all the powerful features of his original brother and lower the Center to Center (CC) distance to a minimum.

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Direct Drive System For CR-10S

Bondtech Direct Drive System for Creality3D CR10S is an upgrade kit to address material extrusion issues. It includes a high-performance Direct Drive BMG extruder and an all-metal E3D V6 HotEnd. Check this video and visit the product page.

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Double Your Printing Speed

The Bondtech extruder's exceptional pushing force allows you to even double your printing speed.

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