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Bondtech started as a small start-up company in Sweden three years ago focusing on making existing 3D printers even better. We developed a unique and state-of –the-art extruder system for existing and new 3D printers to secure a high-performance and high quality printing process.

Now we are a global company with several unique and high quality products. We have happy customers and partners in more than 70 countries around the globe and we have positioned the Bondtech brand as trusted and high quality partner when it comes to deliver performance to our customers.

Would you like to join our journey and make more 3D printers better and get even more happy customers? If so, please contact us and we will evaluate a potential Bondtech reseller or OEM partnership programme.


We have established a Sales partnership program with all our resellers around the globe which works very efficiently. There is off course a digital and efficient ordering process with short delivery times of large volumes and an excellent on demand support function. You will also have an own login account were all your personal details are stored and were you easily can order all our products, kits and components. Off course you will also get a good deal out of this partnership but most important – you will be able to offer your customer a unique and high quality product which will solve a existing challenge and make them happy.

Before we sign an agreement, we have a short evaluation process. The reason for this is that it is important for us that our cooperation will work over time, that we understand what is important for you to be successful on the market and that we share the same vision – making our customers happy.

We are also looking for an ongoing dialogue with our reseller network. We will, on a regular basis, push out news, improvements, marketing material and new product releases etc. We would also like to get your and your customers feedback and other relevant marketing input. Listen to our customers’ needs and make them happy is extremely important for us to continue to deliver high quality and unique products.

So, if you would like to work with a unique product which delivers clear customer value in combination with a strong brand and get even more happy customers please fill out the form below and become a Bondtech reseller.


Bondtech have established a OEM partnership programme together with our OEM customers. We have signed partnership agreements with some of the largest 3D printer manufactures on the market. Bondtech supplies everything from complete extruder systems to some of our unique components to our OEM customers. This have become a fruitful cooperation for both parties. Entering a OEM partnership with Bondtech have shown to be obvious – our OEM partners can focus on their core business and let Bondtech take care of the extruder system. Bondtech secures a robust, reliable and high performing printing process which in the end will generate a top performing 3D printer and happy customers.

The Bondtech extruders system is possible to integrate on a wide range of 3D printers. The extruder system consists of a generic and modular based design so if needed, it is possible to easily redesign or adapt it to any new printer and make a fully integrated solution. Bondtech have all competences, from idea to full scale production, under one roof so the adaption phase is fast and cost-effective.

So, if you are a 3D printer manufacturer who would like to offer your customers a world-class extruder system to get happy customers please do not hesitate to fill out the form below to start a discussion around different cooperation possibilities.

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