Here is our secret : The Bondtech Team

Meet everyone at team Bondtech down below. Behind our success, there is this amazing team of creators.

Andreas Emilsson

SLS Printing Technician. Serious gamer. Intense guitar player. Driven by the motto: “no one should have to play alone”.

Andreas, or Andy as his friends call him, is a logistics man with a spot for music and video games. He has been a musician for almost 40 years playing drums & guitar and, until recently, he was playing drums with blues band Tom & The Backstabbers. Previous bands include Doomdogs, Friday Night Specials to name a few. Nowadays he focus on recording in his own home studio. He likes that 50 percent of his work time is spent surrounded by printers in production, while the other half is in logistics and inventory. He likes to share his procedures and routines so that his colleagues are able to do his tasks whenever he isn’t around.

In his free time, Andy also loves to play video games. He’s been hooked since 1985 when he got his first video game. He plays for about three to four hours every day. He recently started a non-profit initiative with a friend for young kids and teenagers who feel alone and don’t have anyone to game with. They have been able to get 50 participants to join in a period of just two weeks. Their motto is “no one should have to play alone.”

Andreas Lundh

Assembly Technician. Car aficionado. Motor bike rider. Engaged in a multitude of sports, particularly enjoying their social aspect.

At Bondtech, Andreas assembles extruders. He is also responsible for receiving and keeping track of incoming goods and equipment. He likes fixing things, especially cars and engines. He has a car mechanics education and still does it as a hobby. Now, he has a sports motorbike and spends many hours riding it.

Recently, Andreas and his girlfriend adopted a kitten named Mollie, which takes up some of their time and is a source of joy to both. In his free time, Andreas engages in a multitude of activities, such as mountain biking, playing padel and golf, going to the beach, and lifting weights at the gym. His friends appreciate his kind and funny nature as well as his passion for sports. He was dedicated to football and floorball until 18, when he shifted to gym training. Now he enjoys playing padel on weekends with people of different ages, valuing its social aspect.

Cecilia Bondéus

Finance & HR Manager. Yoga Instructor. All-around renovator. Happy to inspire others to feel good in body and mind.

Cecilia carries out duties related to administrative, financial, and human resources, overseeing invoicing and payments. A few years ago, she joined Martin and has since been thankful for the chance to comprehend the work more deeply and relate to the extended hours. Her whole family is well-versed with Bondtech’s tasks – her eldest sons working on development and production, and her youngest son joining them during the holidays. Even Zita, their dog, works there daily!

Cecília also teaches Global Yoga at her studio four times a week. She has been teaching physical activities such as Body Pump, Step, and Spinning for over 20 years. When she was younger, her focus was mainly on physical workouts, but now she found herself being drawn more towards relaxation and mental well-being. Through yoga, she strives to connect body and mind and motivate others to find a balance in their lives. Additionally, she enjoys renovating, decorating, and a relaxing 5 to 6 km walk with her neighbors in the forest.

Eskil Nilsson

Business Development Strategist. Thinker. Chess player. Enjoys the meditative component of running.

Born and bred on his dad’s dairy farm in Värnamo, Eskil has always had a passion for chess and strategizing. He enjoys the meditative aspect of running and being out in nature, as it often gives him the opportunity to reflect on different aspects of life. He is a thinker at heart.

As a leader in business development at Ernströmgruppen, Eskil works closely with CEOs and other leaders to develop solutions for their companies. He is also part of the Bondtech Board with Martin and Håkan, which focuses on strategizing the company’s future. His primary goal is to help businesses find the best possible solutions for the future and to see companies take bold steps and develop themselves.

Gustav Bondéus

Head of Manufacturing. Technologically-driven. Passionate. Detail-oriented. Happy to know he is part of a company moving towards something meaningful.

Gustav Bondéus is keenly interested in technology and product development. Fresh out of school, he had the opportunity to work part-time at Bondtech, which allowed him to gain experience and knowledge in the business while still taking time for himself. He soon realized he had a great interest in production and logistics, where he could apply his personal touch.

Gustav focuses on ensuring customers have the best experience with Bondtech’s products. In his opinion, it all boils down to attention to detail and meticulous organization, which he prides himself on. Gustav is also glad that he has been able to build a successful business with his family and friends and that his contribution is an important piece of the puzzle.

Håkan Skutberg

Business Area Manager. Skier. Fond of the water element. In the pursuit of “the moment”.

Håkan Skutberg is a Business Area Manager at Ernströmgruppen and a Bondtech board member. Having grown up in central Sweden surrounded by nature, he is a snow and skiing enthusiast. He now lives on the west coast in Gothenburg where he gets to enjoy the nearby ocean.

Håkan has a financial background and has been working in both the manufacturing and marine industries for 20 years. Working for Ernströmgruppen allows him to help develop human skills in organizations. He feels great satisfaction when he gets “the moment” – “it happens when we see that the organizations that we support, take a calculated risk and get the push that they need to succeed”. He is driven by the idea of handing over well-run companies to the next generation of owners, employees, and customers.

Hugo Andersson

Assembly Technician. Kind at heart. Former boxer. In pursuit of finding out who he is and what he likes.

Hugo is a former boxer. He was a three-time Swedish Boxing Champion and a one-time Youth European Boxing Champion. Since he was eight years old, his dad, his cornerman, coached him through his bouts, imparting teachings that guided his boxing. However, it was “Rocky,” the movie hero, who taught him the mental part of boxing – how to focus when he got confused by his opponent. Now Hugo has retired from boxing and is exploring new activities. He has realized that going into a fighting alter-ego was not true to his kind nature.

At Bondtech, Hugo is responsible for assembling extruders and checking SLS parts. He is a people person and enjoys the team atmosphere. Hugo always looks for new challenges and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Jessica Johnsson

Assembly Technician. Former football player. Current football supporter. Super Mom of two girls, mindfully balancing freedom and boundaries.

At Bondtech, Jessica works on the production assembly line, performing quality checks to ensure surfaces are suitable for mounting and that all extruders are of the highest quality. She assembles extruders and packs them together with accessories bags for shipment. One of Jessica’s main responsibilities is allocating tasks to production staff members and planning the workflow.

Aside from her role at Bondtech, Jessica loves reading and spending quality time with her two daughters, who are 13 and 11 years old. She also takes long power walks with one of her friends. Her siblings and father live nearby, and they often spend great family time together. Football has been a big passion of Jessica’s for many years, having previously played for two clubs in Bredaryd, where she grew up. Now, she spends much of her time supporting her daughters’ football. Although her daughters might think she is full of rules, Jessica believes she is quite a liberal mother.

Joel Lennartsson

Engineer and Product developer. Golfer. Gamer. Uses problem-solving as a method to understand and retain information.

Joel is an innovative problem-solver with a passion for 3D printing. As a mechanical engineer at Bondtech, he develops new solutions and tests products. Joel has always been a creative thinker. As a student, he found mechanisms to learn and remember information. Active experimentation and hands-on learning were his way of fully understanding school subjects. This ability to think outside the box has been a tremendous asset in his current job. He has a knack for finding solutions to problems and developing products that make life easier for 3D printers.

Joel loves to stay active and try new things. From climbing to playing golf with family and friends, he especially enjoys the company of those around him. Even if Joel relocates or gets older, he trusts that video games will be a reliable way for him to stay in touch with his friends.

Jonathan Bondéus

Mechanical Engineer. Problem-solver. Handyman. Feels invigorated to find solutions when confronted with a seemingly intractable situation.

Jonathan is a mechanical engineer who works in Product Development at Bondtech. With a passion for problem-solving and creating new things, Jonathan loves to challenge himself to come up with innovative solutions. He is a bit of a handyman. When something doesn’t work at the production unit, he enjoys discussing options with Joel and Martin. He loves problem-solving, prototyping, and testing solutions.

When he’s not tinkering at the workshop, Jonathan is out in nature and exercising at the gym. He’s an introvert at heart but still enjoys spending time with friends and family. He has a particular interest in speakers and sound arising from genuinely enjoying music.

Maida Jasarevic

Quality controller. Avid reader. Amigurumi knitter. Involved in various types of aid work and “women’s issues” through her Women’s Association.

Maida is Bondtech’s quality technician and the one responsible for signing off the chemical and quality declarations during production. She always carries a book around the office so she can have a relaxing time reading during and after lunch.

Maida has an educational background in textiles and a passion for handwork – she loves to knit and recently took up Amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Her joy for travel and meeting new and interesting people allows her to discover new ideas for her creative work. She has been involved in various types of aid work and “women’s issues” through the Women’s Association in Sweden. There, she gets together with other women who are also from Bosnia.

Martin Bondéus

Bondtech Founder. Creator. Builder extraordinaire. Tirelessly in pursuit of improving whatever he sets his hands on.

Martin is a creator in and out of work. On the job, he usually develops 3D printing solutions; at home, he’s eternally improving the family abode. Even his vacations involve some sort of building project. This same passion for solving problems and making things, led him to start Bondtech.

He got his start in engineering, working for various firms, but it wasn’t until he got his hands on a 3D printer kit that he knew where his future lay. Being able to design something on the computer and have it in his hands a few moments later was incredibly exciting. When he and his son faced an issue with their first 3D printer, Martin did what he knew best and created a solution. It worked, so he decided to make it the focus of Bondtech. Today he gets to have most of his family working with him since his youngest, Isac, is still at school. “One thing that I really enjoy is having my two boys and wife working with me. It’s quite amazing, and we work really well together.”

Nermin Mlivic

Product Developer. Tech geek. Fisherman. Eternally curious about the inner workings of technology and mechanisms.

Nermin is a tech geek who delights himself learning about the inner workings of technology and mechanisms. As a kid, he was often found inspecting home appliances. From opening up LED TVs to being found in the engine room of his dad’s car, he was always trying to find out how things worked and how machines were wired.

Today, he is a Product Developer at Bondtech and the one who tested the CHT nozzle hundreds of times before it was finalized — he extruded 40 to 50 kg in two weeks. Nermin is a diver and a fisherman who finds solace in the sound of the water breaking against the sides of his boat. But even then, as his girlfriend says, he can’t keep still. He is either trolling or walking across the shore.

Nuno Santiago

Marketing Manager. Walker. Avid learner. Prefers a simple and level-headed approach to life.

Santiago is the Product and Marketing manager at Bondtech, where he leads the sales, branding and communication team. With a strong academic training in management, he uses structure and organization to keep things flowing in an ever-changing environment.

Santiago has a relaxed and level-headed approach to life, never getting too happy or too sad — he is always “ok”. He has the same attitude with his hobbies; walking to work and to the supermarket every day to buy fresh food, cooking simple and easy dishes, and calling his family in Portugal daily. He spends his free time learning about finance, technology, science, and things he can’t do, like building and fixing cars and other machines. He tries to cram as much as he can into his day, eating once or twice daily and sleeping only six hours to save time. This leaves him with plenty of time to learn and grow.

Olof Ogland

Product integration designer, from the community and in constant touch with the community. Always 0.05 mm off on the first layer.

Olof was initially an active member and admin of the Prusa Community Forum where he got in touch with Bondtech and started collaborating on the Prusa extruder upgrade line of products. That sparked a career change for Olof and he soon joined our ranks.

His work is done in bursts where massive amounts of design happens over a short period of time, followed by a longer period of testing and optimization. There’s a saying that goes ”perfect is the enemy of good” which Olof strives to embrace. In his free time he also likes to do product development, but for First Person View drones where CNC cut carbon fiber frames meets 3d printed parts. What time is left that isn’t devoted to his family, he likes to use to keep in touch with the vast 3d printer community.

For Bondtech Olof does most of his work remotely from the Swedish archipelago just outside Stockholm.

Senida Karahmet

CNC Operator. Relaxed Baker. Burek Maker. Believes in enjoying the process and practice makes perfect.

Senida is a CNC operator at Bondtech. She is experienced in programming the machine and executing the necessary steps for production. She loves to challenge herself and is always striving to improve her skills.

Senida is also an avid baker. She loves spending quality time with her family in the kitchen. She especially loves to bake Burek, a typical Bosnian savory-filled pastry made with flaky phyllo dough. Her mother taught her to bake back in Bosnia, but it wasn’t until she moved to Sweden, and her husband asked her for some, that she perfected the recipe. Senida believes that the key to success in life is to take pleasure in the process and a lot of practice. Just like she adapted, changed and perfected her Burek’s recipe, at Bondtech, her production skills improve as she gains experience.


Mascote. Great friend. Stare master. Vegetable lover. Follows a relaxed approach to life, socializing with colleagues, getting plenty of restful sleep, and eating greens.

Zita is the official Bondtech mascot and pet, a Maltese Shih Tzu dog who visits all Bondtech’s departments every day. She loves to jump into any free chair she finds and curl up for a rest, and if she wants to get someone’s attention, she is not shy about staring into their eyes for as long as it takes – she may be small, but she’s certainly no pushover!

Zita’s favorite activity is rolling on the floor and showing off her belly in the hoping to get a cuddle or two. She also loves vegetables and can often be found snacking on bell peppers. Her bed is in the Pick & Ship area, where she usually spends her days snoozing away. Zita is a beloved member of the Bondtech family, and her presence is always guaranteed to bring a smile to the staff’s faces.

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