Bondtech Team Finishes Tough Viking Obstacle Course





Bondtech Team Does Tough Viking Gothenburg

Bondtech Team Does Tough Viking Gothenburg

On the 22nd April 2022, 7 elements of the Bondtech Team participated on the Tough Viking Obstacle race at Gothenburg’s Slottsskogen park. Top row (left to right) : Jonathan, Joel, Elin (team captain), Frida (former colleague), and Hugo. Bottom row (left to right): Hugo and Andreas.

The Tough Viking obstacle race has a military style course with 28 stations. The length of the courses varies from venue to venue and each course is unique. The race in Gothenburg is around 8 km long.

The 28 obstacles come with different degrees of difficulty, starting with Tires and culminating on the Super Ramp.

Stage names:

  1. Tires
  2. Blades
  3. Chains
  4. Monkey Bar
  5. Ninja Steps
  6. Logs
  7. A-Frame
  8. Sandbags
  9. Steep
  10. Fire
  11. Ice Tank
  12. Tanks
  13. Camo
  14. Combat Crawl
  15. Venice Beach
  16. Tunnels
  17. Prowler Push
  18. Net Climb
  19. Bilgarian Bags
  20. Balanced
  21. Barned Wires
  22. Thor
  23. Walls
  24. Atlas Stopnes
  25. The Viking Rig
  26. Röjdykaren
  27. IrishTable
  28. Super Ramp

It is a grueling race that puts everyone to the test and demands full engagement and delivery. Running through fire and diving on ice included.

If you are going to participate, realize it’s everything but a flat walk in the park. Be prepared and train hard.

Custom designed Bondtech Team t-shirts were made for the occasion, featuring all the team elements in the back and the Bondtech logo on the chest, Iron-man style.

The whole team finished the course at the same time. Below is the moment where we all crossed the finish line.

It was a great day, on a beautiful Spring day. Awesome and hard at the same time. Body hakes ahead : )

Great opportunity for some team building with everyone helping each other just like we do with our customers and friends.

Looking forward to see a bigger team on next Tough Viking event. This was fun!

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