Bondtech shares STL models - 5015 fan shroud & mount for LGX Shortcut





Free 5015 Fan Shroud For LGX Shortcut

Free 5015 Fan Shroud For LGX Shortcut



The files may only be downloaded and used if you agree they:

  • are supplied as they are (without the right for technical support);
  • grant you no rights to any of its intellectual property;
  • and are licensed only for non-commercial application.


Download and 3D print it

Bondtech is sharing the STL files of the plastic parts required to mount a 5015 fan on the LGX Shortcut, previously known as LGX FF

This set includes 2 plastic parts:

  • Fan Mount
  • Fan Shroud

These models were designed to be used on the left-hand side of the LGX.

All files supplied were adapted to be 3D printed with filament from the models we use on our powder based additive manufacturing processes like Laser Sintering or Multi Jet Fusion.

The STL models below are related to the following Bondtech Products:

If you agree with the terms above, click each image to download a ZIP file containing the STL model.

Fan Mount

Download STEP file

Fan Shroud

Download STEP file

Check this video to see how the 5015 fan shroud and mount are installed.

Please note that in the video we are using a LGX (DD) extruder, but this 5015 fan shroud and mount may only be used on the LGX FF. We will replace the video as soon as the LGX FF is back in stock.

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