Latest Prusa Mini firmware 4.3.3 RC supports Bondtech extruders





No more difficulty with Bondtech on Prusa Mini

No more difficulty with Bondtech on Prusa Mini

Prusa Mini hassle is over

Prusa continues to innovate and to deliver outstanding software.

This time a firmware update brings a very welcome change that allows for users to use custom extruders from Bondtech and adjust the minor settings required for them to work properly without any hassle.

As said by Prusa, “Based on the requests from the community this firmware release enables users to install and tweak settings for a custom extruder on the MINI and MINI+”.

Following those requests Bondtech and Prusa engaged in a conversation that ended up bringing this advancement to our common users.

Shoutout to Prusa.
Thank you for your efforts : )

As Bondtech users know so well, using a Bondtech extruder for Prusa Mini was only possible with custom firmware or slicer g-code adjustments that delivered a poor user experience.

From now on the following settings will be available:

  • Save and return
  • Z-axis length
  • Extruder steps per unit ( e-steps value)
  • Extruder direction( spin rotation )

To adjust these settings for your custom extruder, go to
LCD Menu -> Settings -> HW settings -> then long-press the knob.
Similarly to the MK3S+, a new “Experimental” submenu will appear on the screen to that purpose.

  • Set extruder steps per unit to 415.
  • Change extruder direction in case your feeder is reversed.

You may find more details on this release here:

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