2g of high performance gearing grease for LGX Steel Drive Train







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PrintSmooth High-Performance Gearing Grease

PrintSmooth High-Performance Gearing Grease

Extend the life of the LGX Steel Drive Train on your LGX type eXtruder using this high performance gearing grease.

Net weight: 2g

Number of applications : aprox. 10



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Use this gearing grease to lubricate the LGX Steel Drive Train and extend its service life.
Visually inspect the double main gear every 100 hours of service. Re-apply grease if there is none.
Every 6 months, twice a year, apply PrintSmooth to all steel drive train teeth and needle-bearings if you use your LGX Steel Drive Train for 15 hours per week or less.
Reduce this interval to 4 months, 3 times per year, if you are a more intensive user.

Check the Maintenance Guides below for more detailed information.

PrintSmooth is a NLGI-grade 2 lubricant optimized for long-term at high-speeds usage, with good consistency-temperature-behavior, excellent water resistance, excellent corrosion and wear protection.
It is made of a Polyalphaolefin(PAO) base oil and a Barium complex soap thickener.
Provides a working temperature range from -40 to +180C.

PrintSmooth is made of Bechem’s Berutox FB 22.

Freight Weight 10 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 cm


Compatible with the following product:

  • LGX Steel Drive Train

Applicable on the following products:

  • LGX with Steel Drive Train
  • LGX Lite with Stel Drive Train
  • LGX Live v2 with Steel Drive Train
  • LGX PRO 2.85
  • LGX Lite PRO (coming soon)
  • LGX PRO Metal (coming later)

Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet

Maintenance Guides

Click one image below to open/download a PDF file with the maintenance guide that best fits your case or need.
Inside these guides you will find how to apply the PrintSmooth on your eXtruder.

LGX Lite PRO coming soon…

LGX Pro & LGX PRO 2.85 Maintenance Guide

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