Direct Drive System Extension Cable 40cm

DDS Extension Cable 40cm

DDS Extension Cable

This extension cable will allow you to use our Direct Drive System for Creality3D CR-10S on the S4 and S5 models. It will extend the existing cables an extra 40 cm.

Now includes a 65cm PTFE tube

This product was upgraded. We are now also delivering a 65cm PTFE tube to replace the one supplied with the DDS for CR-10S

Product has reached End Of Life. Will be available to order until end of stock.



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The DDS Extension Cable is supplied with 3 different elements:

  • 40cm Extuder Cable with male and female 8 pin MIC connectors;
  • 30cm Motor Cable with male and female connectors from JST (PHR and B6B)
  • 65cm PTFE tube to replace the shorter PTFE tube from the DDS for CR-10S.
Freight Weight 100 g


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