A Direct Drive eXtruder from Bondetch for most of the Creality 3D printers





Bondtech DDX for Creality

Bondtech DDX for Creality

A Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality

Bondtech is about to release a new family of Upgrade Kits. The DDX for Creality will target most of the Creality 3D printers and enable them with a Direct Drive setup.

The DDX is based on our popular and well tested Bondtech Mini Geared (BMG) extruder and will provide the upstanding resolution and push-force it is known for.



The DDX for Creality will target the following models of the Ender product line:

  • Ender-3
  • Ender-3 Pro
  • Ender-5
  • Ender-5 Pro
  • Ender-5 Plus
  • Ender-6



The DDX for Creality will also target the following models of the CR product line:

  • CR-6
  • CR-10
  • CR-10S
  • CR-10 S4
  • CR-10 S5
  • CR-10 Max
  • CR-10 Mini
  • CR-10S Pro
  • CR-10S Pro V2
  • CR-X

The DDX product line has a common eXtruder, and a limited number of variations implemented at the level of hotend and fan mounts and adapters. The compatibility will depend on the hotend and X-Carriage plate the models use. A list will be supplied, in the respective product pages, and expanded as soon as we have verified compatibility.

These mounts and adapters will be sold as standalone parts, for a particular set of models.
Two main variations will be released first.
One that fits models like the Ender-3, and another that fits models like the CR-10S Pro.

The DDX is supplied with a 25mm pancake Nema17 stepper motor, but without hotend.
Customers will have 3 choices:

  • to use the original hotend;
  • to use Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum;
  • to use the upcoming Copperhead;

This product line is expected to be pre-launched during the 1st week of May.

Pre-launch of 50 units only, will start next Tuesday, 12th May

9 thoughts on “Bondtech DDX for Creality

    • Nuno Santiago says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for sending us your request.
      This is something we cannot manage through comments or email request.
      Please note that pre-orders are expected to start upcoming Tuesday the 12th.
      We will post on our Facebook page immediately after the products are online.
      For you to pre-order we ask you use the product page as soon as it is online.

      Thank you again David.

  1. clue3030 says:

    Only down side I found was the fact the bltouch does not fit on the ender 6. The fit is so tight that the mount breaks in half when fully seated and tighten down to the DDX v3 frame. The part where you screw in the mount to the ddx frame needs to be narrower from the front to back of the bltouch mount where you screw out to the ddx. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

    • Nuno Santiago says:

      because the Ender-6 is not supplied with BL Touch or EZABL we didn’t updated the design on the levelling sensor mount. You are right though. The mounts need a redesign to fit the Ender-6 as it collides with a screw head. We will make the revision and post the mount models on our website soon. Thank you.

      • OmegaPrinciple says:

        I just bought a DDX v3 with a Mosquito hotend for my Ender 6. Is it only the BLtouch mount that you need to modify or some other part of the extruder assembly? When will this updated part be available? I wish you had versioning or some kind of date stamp on your STL page so that we know when something has been updated. I’m not sure why BLtouch wasn’t taken into consideration as the Ender 6 has a mount for the BLtouch as well as a connector on the breakout board. It also appears to be one of the first mods that people seem to be doing to their E6.

  2. clue3030 says:

    Also, the stock wire strain relief doesn’t mount to the X carriage so it would be nice if someone created a new wire strain relief that mounts to the back of the X carriage plate. Just a thought. For this reason, I tell people to stay away from the DDX until Bondtech comes up with a proper solution.

    • Nuno Santiago says:

      we have to disagree on this.
      Although the stock cable strain relief does not fit the back of the DDX, the DDX it self has already a strain relief solution imbedded. You just need a zip-tie.

      At the top of the DDX back, there is a dual length channel to guide the zip-tie. 3 holes are available. One on the left. One at the middle. Another on the right hand side. If you have few cables coming from the right hand side, the stepper motor cable extension alone for instance, you may use the middle and left hand side holes to guide a zip tie through. In case you have a levelling guide, and a thicker amount of cables is coming from the right hand side, then you may use the side holes and a bigger zip tie.

      Check an example in this guide.

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