Bondtech fork of Prusa Firmware v3.9.0 is available for download now





New Prusa Firmware Update 3.9.0

New Prusa Firmware Update 3.9.0

Bondtech versions of Prusa 3.9.0 firmware are out now.

Prusa released past 18th of May their new firmware version 3.9.0

This is the final release of the firmware 3.9.0, a direct successor to the 3.8.1. Introducing new features, improved functionality, and bug fixes.

To simplify publishing the new Bondtech versions of the Prusa firmware, we created a fork on Github. This fork will also enable quicker Future updates when ever a new version comes out.

To quick access you can access now our firmware archives and the source code by visiting our GitHub folder:


Next Friday, 22nd of May the same files will be available to download from our website Prusa firmware page here:

Bondtech Firmware Variation Updates For Prusa 3D Printers

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