BCN3D Launches New 3D Printer With Bondtech Technology



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BCN3D EPSILON Powered by Bondtech Dual Drive Technology

BCN3D EPSILON Powered by Bondtech Dual Drive Technology

BCN3D launched a new 3D printer to serve the professional and industrial markets. According to BCN3D,

“… Epsilon is a powerful professional 3D printer, designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial-grade materials, thanks to features such as its passive heated chamber and full enclosure. Powered by our Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system, the BCN3D Epsilon delivers exceptionally strong functional parts with quality and precision.”

The EPSILON features an available build volume of 420x300x400mm , full enclosure and a passive heated build chamber with air filtering. The air filter features a HEPA particles filter and a Carbon fumes filter to protect the work environment from harmful emissions.

BCN3D also introduced new professional and industrial materials with partnerships with BASF and MCPP. The new fiber loaded materials are PAHT CF15 and PP GF30.

Dual Drive Technology
Inside BCN3D Epsilon

Like in the previous models Sigma and Sigmax R19, EPSILON’s extruders feature high-tech dual drive gears by Bondtech™ to offer more control, sharper details and a superior performance for all kinds of filament.

Bondtech is happy to see this new model come to the market and wishes all the success to our partner.

You can know more about the EPSILON by visiting BCN3D’s product page.


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