Better Customer eXperience With Design Upgrade On DDS For CR-10S





Design Upgrade On DDS For CR-10S

Design Upgrade On DDS For CR-10S

More Focus On Customer eXperience

Our Direct Drive System for Creality CR-10S is already one of our most popular upgrade kits confirming also the high popularity of this Creality model.

The DDS was the first Bondtech upgrade kit that was designed to be supplied as a plug and play solution. The main idea behind it was to save customers the need to solder and tinker with too many technical operations.

Because this extruder kit is so popular we received a lot of feedback from customers, most of it very good, but sometimes less than great.

This miss on Customer eXperience perfection was what drove us to improve the product even more so customers can install and maintain it with even less effort.

Below you can find all the differences.

Although we got some occurrences…

  • some users reported heater or thermistor cable broke;
  • some users reported installation was hard;
  • some users reported main cable was unstable;

…we picked this feedback up, and did some improvements and tweaks to minor or eradicate completely the issues or its consequences.

Before And After Comparison

Below you can check the main differences between the old and new version.

Old versions are to the left. New versions to the right.

New units are already shipping!

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