Designer Luminaires Manufacturer Gantri upgrades with Bondtech BMG





Gantri Adopts Bondtech BMG™ Extruder Upgrades at their 3D print-farm

Gantri Adopts Bondtech BMG™ Extruder Upgrades at their 3D print-farm

Gantri is the world’s first digital manufacturer for designer lighting.

Gantri has completely reimagined the way lighting is developed, made and sold, empowering the world’s best designers to create design-forward, functional pieces for your life. They have disrupted a traditional industry and changed the way production is done.

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Gantri has built a next-generation factory that uses cutting-edge 3D printing technology to produce luxury-quality products without industrial inefficiencies which results in great design that is more sustainable and more attainable.

The luminaires are printed using FDM technology with plant-based PLA, making the lights durable and great for the planet.

At Bondtech we applaud Gantri for such endeavour.

Some time ago Bondtech was put to the test by Gantri. The BMG™ extruder passed and was adopted. Bondtech’s Reliability and Performance never meant so much.

At Gantri’s print farm in California, production is assured by hundreds of 3D printers, more and more of them being upgraded with Bondtech BMG™ extruders.

About The Bondtech Mini Geared BMG™ Extruder

The Bondtech BMG™ Extruder has two variants, left hand and right hand. The BMG™ extruder replaces the original extruder and mounts in the same position, making the installation very easy and fast with minimal effort.

These kits offer a higher performance extrusion system because they are enabled with our Dual Drive technology, providing slipping free and deformation free material feeding. The adjustable tension allows you to finetune the setting for different filaments.

The housing parts are professionally 3D printed in polyamide for maximum strength and precision.

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