PTFE To Use With Bondtech Heat Break Upgrade For Prusa Mini? DIY.





A DIY Solution For Prusa Mini PTFE Replacement

A DIY Solution For Prusa Mini PTFE Replacement

Our customers asked for it.
we supply.

The PTFE tube, on our heat break upgrade for the Prusa Mini, is not reaching the hot zone, so contraction or deformation is hard to happen.

In the recent days we had multiple customers asking for a PTFE replacement part for that product. As this part is not available on our webshop, we found another way to expedite a solution.

Here with this post we deliver a solution for you to make it yourself, using our standard PTFE tube supply.

It is a simple method that uses 2 3D printed parts and a hobby knife.

We have a video on how to do it below, and also the links to download the STEP and/or STL models to print the cutting and chamfering fixtures.

How to install the PTFE tube

Heat-break Upgrade Kit Step by step setup guide

Learn below a better method to install the PTFE tube in the Bondtech Heat Break for Prusa Mini.

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