Bondtech Unveils Next Generation Dual Drive Technology Development





Dual Drive Technology’s Next Level

Dual Drive Technology’s Next Level


A Surprising Glimpse Into The Future

Multiple projects are simultaneously under development here at Bondtech. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track, but this one on Martin Bondéus’ desk caught my attention. I asked about it, and can share with you what I’ve heard.

What’s that Martin? What are you working on?

You mean this extruder block here? This is an idea we’ve been developing to deliver our next generation Dual Drive Technology. We are taking Dual Drive from ground to sky level and working to put it out for test-drive until the end of current year.

Will it include an hotend?

We believe in open solutions and we’ll keep on doing so. As usual with Bondtech extruders, it will be an open solution that will allow for combination with several hotends through single or multiple versions. This keeps customer options open, as they should be.
We don’t force vegetables on who may also like meat.

How will we sell it?

It will be supplied as a combo kit, with a pancake stepper motor and an ultra-compact extruder. The extruder is smaller than the stepper and its fine-tuned settings allow for ease of installation and ease of use to everyone.
It’s our next hero, and when the hero arrives,
the Hero saves the day!

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