November is Bondtech Customer eXperience Month





Tweaking Bondtech Customer eXperience

Tweaking Bondtech Customer eXperience

Actions For November 2019

We always have our Customers in mind when we develop our business. During November, we will put some extra effort on improving your eXperience. We will focus on some key points of interaction.

This post will be updated each time a new action is concluded. We will appreciate your feedback.

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We plan to work on the following points:

  • Tweak Website Navigation;
  • Publish eXtra Guiding Content;
  • Design New Product Packaging;
  • Focus on BCX in Product Development;
  • Improve Support Communication;
  • Faster and Greener Logistics.

Website Navigation & UI

We received some feedback telling us some important contents are hard to find in our website. To improve your access to the contents we will teak our navigation and User Interface to make it simpler.

Guiding Content

We noticed some customers face issues with their 3D printers and our products, especially due to easily preventable errors. We will provide more content to guide you through how to get the best out of your upgraded 3D printer.

New Product Packaging

Our packaging is 4 years old already. We want to update it to reflect the quality of our products and to use it as an extra step to deepen our relationship with our customers.

Focus on BCX

Bondtech extruder and upgrade kits are what may be called a technical product. Some skills are required to install it and put it to good use. November sets the starting moment when Product Development will put BCX on the top of our priorities.

Support Communication

Our world wide spread customers speak many languages and have many different degrees of mechanics and electronics knowledge. We will introduce a tool to ease and facilitate better communication and understanding during support.

Greener Logistics

Our products and parts move from Sweden to everywhere else in the world. We are working on ways to decrease those miles our products travel to reach you, especially the spare parts. You will wait less for them and make Greta Thunberg happy.

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