3D printing pioneers, Bondtech and 3D Solex, reach integration agreement





Bondtech and 3D Solex strategic cooperation and integration

Bondtech and 3D Solex strategic cooperation and integration

Historical agreement is signed

Bondtech (Sweden) and 3D Solex (Norway) have signed, last 14th of January, an agreement for strategic co-operation and future integration.

The agreement was signed by Martin Bondéus, on behalf of Bondtech AB, and by Carl Beck, on behalf of Cepta AS, respectively owners of Bondtech and 3D Solex.

The aim of the agreement is to fuse the R&D, manufacturing, product portfolio, marketing and sales channels by implementing the following steps:

  1. closer integration of technologies with cost and performance benefits;
  2. fusion of R&D – legacy, present and future – enjoying shorter time to market for new products and systems;
  3. further upscaling of in-house manufacturing assets to radically save on product and systems development iterations;
  4. over time totally fusing manufacturing and sales channels.

“To 3D Solex, this alliance means we can focus more on bringing to market great new products to make 3d printing faster, safer and more reliable!” Carl Beck, Jan 2020

Under this agreement Bondtech will start manufacturing and distribution of 3D Solex’s world acclaimed nozzles for filament 3D printers. 3D Solex’s product portfolio will be added to Bondtech’s webshop, under the Bondtech brand. This integration will be done step by step, adding product ranges as they start to be documented and manufactured by Bondtech.

“We are very excited about this agreement with 3Dsolex because it lead us one step closer to our goal of being an one stop manufacturer and supplier of filament 3D print heads. ” Martin Bondéus, Jan 2020

As you may know, 3D Solex is a nozzles manufacturer from Norway with a wide spread of products and a high quality track record. Nozzles from 3DSolex especially target Ultimaker, Prusa and Raise3D units. Main focus is on increased durability, print speed and application flexibility.

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