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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

Thanksgiving was some days ago, and Christmas is some days away, it only seems appropriate we address a very important expression these days. How to give thanks.

Tack så mycket is also a very popular expression in Sweden. Like in any other culture where people respect each other, giving thanks for a gift or good action is very common.

The key word tack is often used as a reply to thanks, said twice. If someone thanks you ( by saying tack or tack så mycket), you can reply tack tack as if you are thanking the thanks.

Tack så mycket!


Tack is a word you will hear a lot in Sweden,

Thanks so much!


frequently said twice in a row. Tack Tack.

This word can be used in so many ways.


Here it conveys a way and a comparison.


Mycket can be used as an adjective or an adverb


and can replace much or a lot.

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