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Lagom, a sense of satisfaction, a quest for perfection.

Lagom, a sense of satisfaction, a quest for perfection.

Inte för mycket, inte för lite, lagom is a very popular expression in Sweden. In fact, lagom is one of the most Swedish words you can say.

Lagom conveys that idea of lack of extremism on a high state of confort. It represents a sense of satisfaction.

It is often used along with precis. Precis lagom signifies the exact and right amount of something. It is a quest for perfection.

Inte för mycket, inte för lite, lagom.


Inte is an adverb used to express the opposite or the negative of an adjective or verb.

Not too much, not too little, just right.


The same applies to English when using the adverb not. It denies the following adjective or verb .


Here, used as an adverb, it conveys the idea of an excessive degree, and not as a diirection.


För has many applications and translations. In this context it should be replaced with too.


Mycket is used here as a pronoun, replacing the implicit subject, one that is of high quantity.


Here, and most of the times, it can be replaced with much, expressing a relative high quantity.


Lite expresses the opposite sense of mycket. As a pronoun is conveys a low amount of something.


As opposite of much, the right word to translate lite in this context is little.


Lagom here describes how much of the implicit subject, meaning the adequate amount.

just right

Just right may not be the exact translation word for word, but it conveys the same spirit.

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