A new and improved Bondtech Mini Geared BMG™ extruder is coming.





The BMG is Dead! Long Live the BMG!

The BMG is Dead! Long Live the BMG!

A new generation of BMG™ is about to inherit the throne. The coronation ceremony will be held in the next days. The old BMG™ will remain in the memory of the people as devoted, productive and reliable. His successor will keep this tradition and work hard to deserve even more praise in the Future.

: D just kidding, now seriously…

The New Bondtech Mini Geared

… only perfection cannot be improved so we took something excellent and made it even better. Although our BMG™ extruder is the most popular choice amongst our customers, the continuous feedback we got from our community made us think of some small details we could improve upon.

And we did!

Design Features Updated In The New BMG™:

The Motor Gear is now made of Brass

The corrosion resistant material will stop the very low frequency of oxidation issues that happened to the steel gears.

Motor Gear as spare part

The POM Gear attached to the Main Shaft is now Black

This is a pure aesthetical upgrade to mask out the dirt that shows too much on white.

Main Shaft Assembly as spare part

The Push-Fit is now threaded

It can be removed and/or replaced to make it easier to solve clogs without ruining the BMG™‘s housing.

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