Upgrade Kit for Voron V0 based on the Bondtech Mini After LGX Lite





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Mini After LGX Lite Upgrade Kit for Voron V0

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Mini After LGX Lite Upgrade Kit for Voron V0

Upgrade based on Large Gears eXtruder LGX Lite to use on the Voron V0.1 (with bed offsets) and V0.2.

The Mini After LGX Lite plastic parts are made of grey Polyamide (PA12) with no dyeing featuring a wax protective coating.
A hotend/fan adapter is required to use this kit.

This product reached EOL (End Of Life) as we don’t make or sell the LGX Lite eXtruder anymore.
This upgrade kit will soon be replaced with a LGX Lite V2 compatible set.

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We have a mount available for Klicky users.



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Product includes:

  • 1x LGX (Large Gears eXtruder) Lite extruder
  • 1x LGX Lite Voron Front Plate
  • 1x 10090-1-T PA12 Cowling for Mini After LGX Lite (with heat insert)
  • 1x 10090-10-T PA12 X-Carriage for Mini After LGX Lite (with heat inserts)
  • 1x 15308 PA12 Strain Relief Set for Mini After LGX Lite (with heat inserts)
  • 2x M3x6 BHCS (belts to x-carriage)
  • 2x M3x30 BHCS (LGX lite to x-carriage)
To know more about the Mini After LGX Lite
and have access to STEP geometries and STL models,
check this post: LGX Lite Toolhead Setup For Voron V0.1 LGX Lite Setup for Voron V0.1
Freight Weight 300 g
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 11 cm

CAD Files

Click the button below to download the STEP file

Download STEP file

Find STL files in the article mentioned in the description.

Setup Guide

Setting Up the Mini After LGX Lite

01 Preparation

Disassemble current extruder. Some screws and the hotend will be reused.

Add hotend of your choice to the hotend adapter
(click here to check all available models).

Insert PTFE a bit too deep in the PTFE cutting jig
(click here to download STL file)

Feed the hotend adapter and hotend up from below, pushing the PTFE to the right length and cut it.

You may use a drill bit to ream the top part of the insert for easier filament loading.

Remove the two screws in the LGX lite and remove motor and front plate.

Insert square nuts in the side slots if you want to use those mounting points for ADXL345.

Insert two square nuts to the front pockets.

Reattach front plate and LGX lite screws and add two m3 nuts to the screws in the back to keep the extruder from losing parts.

Attach belts to new X-carriage like on the stock machine, but make sure to use M3x6 button head. If needed, you can remove the top extrusions and loosen front idler assemblies a bit in order to get more belt slack. Take care to not lose any inserted nuts in the extrusions.

When that’s done you may attach the X-carriage to the MGN7H.

This is a good time to add a small zip tie to the right zip tie loop and then the X-endstop. On the Mini After-LGX lite we use an inverted orientation for this microswitch and using a pair of needle nose pliers you may remove the steel arm as an optional step.

Use two M3x10 button head to attach LGX lite to cowling.

Insert fans like on the miniAB.

Gluing the wires to the front of the left fan with some CA glue might help to keep it in the right spot for assembling it with more ease.

Slide hotend up from the bottom and take care with the right fan wires, since it may poke out a bit from the fan and could rip if not careful.

Insert two M3x35 in the front holes.

Remove M3 nuts from the back of the LGX lite and remove the back spacer plate.

Attach the assembly to the X-carriage using two M3x30 with the motor and tightening down the front M3x35.


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