Bondtech LGX™ DD Direct Drive for Artillery Sidewinder X1 With Mosquito





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LGX for Artillery


Bondtech LGX™ DD for Artillery Sidewinder X1 With Mosquito

Bondtech LGX™ DD for Artillery Sidewinder X1 With Mosquito

This is a LGX™ Direct Drive Setup to use on Artillery Sidewinder X1, prepared to use Mosquito™ (screw mount) hotends from Slice Engineering. Hotend, fan and nozzle are included.

The Mosquito fan needs a connector change that we perform on the fans ordered with this upgrade kit.

EAN Code : 7350011413683


LGX™ Large Gears eXtruder

Each LGX™ extruder is supplied with:

  • 1x LGX™ feeder;
  • 1x Custom LDO Nema17 25mm pancake stepper motor;
  • 1x Bowden Interface Plug (with threaded metal push-fit);
  • 1x Direct Drive Interface Plug (for Slice Engineering hotends);
  • 1x 2mm Hex Key (recommended tool);
  • 1x Product Line Information Brochure;
  • 1x Powered By Bondtech sticker.

Now also shipping with additional accessories:

  • 3x M3x30 mm Low Head screws;
  • 4x M3x18 mm Stud with 5mm Hex with M3x4 thread;
  • 30mm PTFE tube to use in the Direct Drive Interface Plug.


This extruder only supports 1.75 mm size filament.

EAN Code : 7350011413607

LGX™ Accessories For Sidewinder X1 and Mosquito™

This LGX™ set is supplied with:

  • 1x LGX™ PA12 Fan Shroud for Mosquito™;
  • 1x LGX™ PA12 Z-axis end switch adapter
  • 2x M2.5x10 button head screw

Mosquito hotend

-- Now with new version --

Revised Features

  • New heat break with reinforced throat and revised radiator to prevent damage during installation and repairs
  • New heat sink with wider opening for the filament path to more readily accept multi-material setups like the Prusa MMU or Mosaic Palette.

Main Benefits

  • Superior heat break performance
  • Increased structural rigidity
  • Larger temperature operating range
  • Modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer
  • Ideal for multi-extrusion systems
  • Lightweight

Oh yeah, and you can change the nozzle with one hand.

Mosquito is only available for 1.75 mm filament at this time.

Mosquito 24V fan With XHP-2 Plug

  • High quality 25 mm box fan with Japanese bearings
  • 3.64 CFM
  • With XHP-2 Plug to use on Artillery breakout boards
    This is a product modification performed by Bondtech.
  • Mounts directly to Copperhead, Mosquito or Mosquito Magnum hotends with included hardware
  • 1 m extension cable included.

Bondtech Coated Nozzle M6×1×7.5×12.5 1.75

This nozzle is manufactured by Bondtech in-house,
and will fit the following hotends/blocks:

  • Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum
  • Copperhead
  • E3D V4, V5 and V6 blocks
  • E3D Chimera and Kraken
  • RepRap M6


  • 1 unit per pack
  • Available in sizes from 0.25 to 0.8mm