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The BMG is Dead! Long Live the BMG!

Nothing is perfect and the excellent can still be improved. That's what we*ve done with [...]

Surfing is much faster here now!

Bondtech presents our 3rd Generation website: fresh style; better coding; faster page loading; more reliability; [...]

Mosquito Lands On Prusa i3 MK3S

After much effort and many request Mosquito hotends finally land on Prusa i3 MK3S and [...]

Extruder Body Update Set for MK2.5/3 Upgrade Kit

Bondtech launches an Extruder Body Rebuild Set to update MK2.5/3 Upgrade Kits, after several owners [...]

Come and see Bondtech

Today and tomorrow we are exhibiting at Värnamo Industriexpo, come meet us and see what [...]

3D printer extrusion problem

A lot of the people who visit our website, have a 3D printer extrusion problem. [...]

3D printing community helped Michael

Michael Hackney is one of Bondtech’s customers, who had a problem which were solved by [...]

Pressrelease – The newest extruder for 3D-printing

Bondtech is launching a new extruder for 3D-printing that combines low weight with high feeding [...]

The founder of Bondtech has a big interest in 3D technology

Martin Bondéus is the founder of Bondtech. As a child Martin had a big interest [...]

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New mount for Ultimaker printers!

Stepper motors natural behavior that it moves in steps instead of a continues motion does [...]