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These extruder upgrade kits are supplied with all the parts required to upgrade a Creality 3D printer from bowden to direct drive.

Owners re-use the stock thermistor, heater, hotend, nozzle and fans.

No firmware update is required. E-steps value needs update to 415.

Compatibility table

DDX PH1 Upgrade KitsCompatible with
DDX for Ender/CR-10(S)Ender-3; Ender-3 Pro;
Ender-5; Ender-5 Pro; Ender-5 Plus;
CR-10; CR-10 Mini; CR-10S; CR-10 S4; CR-10 S5;
DDX for CR-10(S)Pro/MaxCR-10S Pro; CR-10S Pro V2; CR-10 Max