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SLS Universal BL Touch Mount For DDX V3

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SLS Universal BL Touch Mount For DDX V3

  • Mount a BL Touch bed levelling sensor onto the DDX V3.
  • Part made of PA12 (Nylon) with the SLS 3D printing process.
  • Better surface finishing and higher working temperature resistance.
  • Universal slot – allows for height adjustment.

Also compatible with Ender-6

To lower our ecological impact we are reducing our use of chemical dyes. This part is supplied with a wax protective coating to lower sensitivity to moisture and grease, while remaining fully functional.



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This BL Touch mount is recommended to install the popular bed levelling sensor on our Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality. This PA12 version allows for higher working temperatures than its FDM counterpart.

The Universal version has a slot to enable adjusting the Z off-set to the bed and nozzle tip, thus enabling it to be used with all available hotends compatible with the DDX, DDX V2, and DDX V3.

If you use a Copperhead or a Mosquito hotend, be aware we have available specific versions for those hotends.

STL File Also Available As Free Download

This part has an STL file available to download from our server.
Click here to access the STL downloads list.
The list includes a revised model to use with Ender-6.

Included in this product

  • 1x 10079-66 SLS Universal BL Touch Mount for DDX V3
Freight Weight 3 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 cm


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