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SLS Filament Sensor Parts for Prusa MK3S

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SLS Filament Sensor Parts for Prusa MK3S

Parts set to use with:

Higher temperature resistance

These filament sensor parts set replaces the HT-PLA set of the Bondtech “Prusa MK3S” and “Prusa MK3S with Mosquito” upgrade kits with SLS 3D printed parts in PA12.

Can be used in ambient temperature up to 100°C.



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Included in this product

  • 1x 10068-10 SLS Filament Sensor Cover
  • 1x 10068-11 SLS Filament Sensor Lever
  • 1x 10068-12 SLS Filament Sensor Steel Ball Holder
Freight Weight 26 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 cm


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