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Plastic Repellent Paint™

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Plastic Repellent Paint™

Prevents plastic adhesion to your nozzles and hotblock
  • Water-based PTFE nanosuspension
  • Repels plastic from the outside of your nozzle and hot block
  • Applies quickly and uniformly with the vial’s brush top
  • Bonds with clean metal surfaces upon first heating to form a dry, transparent coating
  • Endures printing temperatures up to 290°C
  • Each vial contains 3cc of Plastic Repellent Paint™



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Plastic Repellent Paint™ is a revolutionary, water-based, PTFE nanosuspension that repels plastic from the outside of your nozzle and hot block.

It prevents the plastic buildup that causes print failures!

Plastic Repellent Paint™ can be applied in seconds using the vial’s brush top, forming a dry, transparent coating that endures print temperatures up to 290°C. Keep your nozzle clean with some high-tech space magic, and worry no more.

Apply on clean metal surfaces only.

Use gloves when handling Plastic Repellent Paint™ and wash your hands when finished.

Freight Weight 29.6 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 cm


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