High Temperature Thermistor 450°C For Mosquito Hotends







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Mosquito® HT Thermistor 450°C

Mosquito® HT Thermistor 450°C


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It is replaced by Slice 300C Thermistor



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Best In Class Component

  • Eliminates the need for high temperature RTD’s or having two separate thermistors to maintain accuracy at both the low and high end of the temperature spectrum
  • Capable of reading from room temperature up to 450°C
  • 3 mm diameter cartridge, the de facto standard for sleeved thermistors
  • Supplied with 2m long bare leads
  • Now easy to install on virtually any printer.

Designed To Perform

Designed with our stoutest materials to not only weather the fiercest heat, but to, with extreme accuracy, measure all the way from room temperatures up to 450°C.
In case you were wondering how to rank our engineering prowess, yes, this is the only high temperature 3D printing thermistor in the world that’s capable of doing that.

Easy To Go High Temperature

But this isn’t about how groundbreaking we are, this is about how you can now have high temperature printing without modifications to your desktop 3D printer. Otherwise, you have to modify your board for an RTD — but with this thermistor, there is no hassle.
Isn’t that just a slice of happiness: less hassle?

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