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Mosquito Magnum Hotend 24v

Mosquito Magnum Hotend 24v

Mosquito Magnum hotend full set for 24v systems. Optional cooling fan.
Use this hotend on high flow applications only.
(thick nozzles and thick layers)

Shipping now with bare leads heater and thermistor.

Not compatible with DDX. Hotends for DDX are here.

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Mosquito Magnum

Recommendation: Use on high flow applications.
(thick nozzles and thick layers)

<b-- Now with new version --

Revised Features

  • New heat break with reinforced throat and revised radiator to prevent damage during installation and repairs
  • New heat sink with wider opening for the filament path to more readily accept multi-material setups like the Prusa MMU or Mosaic Palette.

Main Benefits

  • The Mosquito Magnum prints up to 20% faster than any other hotend on the market
  • A thermal insulator protects the extended melt zone from the effects of active cooling, and radiative heat loss. It has a heat transmission rate as low as 3 W/m*K, meaning you can have ultimate confidence in the speed of your print, while at the same time maintaining the high resolution benefits achieved with the standard Mosquito
  • The melt zone is extended proximally upwards to maintain a small form factor
  • A multi extrusion setup with both high flow and high resolution optimized designs can be created without needing to purchase new nozzles or make carriage modifications to accommodate hotends of different sizes

Oh yeah, and you can change the nozzle with one hand.

Mosquito Magnum is only available for 1.75 mm filament at this time.

Slice 300°C Thermistor

Now shipping with 2m long bare leads.

High Quality Component

  • Capable of reading from room temperature up to 300°C.
  • 15mm long, 3 mm diameter cartridge. A standard for sleeved thermistors.
  • 2m long bare leads.
  • 5mm long filler shaft.

EAN: 0850005423478


Mosquito 24V 50W heater

Now shipping with 1.2m long bare leads.

  • Cartridge length: 22 mm;
  • Cartridge diameter: sized to fit into a 6mm H7 tolerance hole.
  • Bare leads with 1.2m in length.

Mosquito 24V fan – optional

  • High quality 25 mm box fan with Japanese bearings
  • 3.64 CFM
  • Genuine Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 connector
  • Mounts directly to Mosquito or Mosquito Magnum hotend with included hardware
  • Available in 12V or 24V configurations
  • 1 m extension cable included.

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