Bondtech Extruder housing set for LGX Lite on Voron, for CPAP part cooling Mosquito Magnum Plus hotends





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Bondtech Housing Set StealthBurner CPAP PLUS

Bondtech Housing Set StealthBurner CPAP PLUS

Upgrade Kit housing for Voron, based on the StealthBurner.

Designed to use a LGX Lite eXtruder and CPAP part cooling.

Advantages of this kit:

  • Flexible and extensible
    • Compatible with Voron 2.4, Trident and Switchwire
    • ready to use a LGX Lite, LGX Lite V2 or LGX Lite Pro eXtruder
    • Ready to use a Mosquito Magnum+ Air-cooled 1.75mm hotend
  • Superior finishing
    • made with SLS Laser Sintering
    • Bondtech’s Black dye
  • Stiff and heat resistant
    • made of PA12 GF



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This product doesn’t include the extruder.

You need a LGX Lite or LGX Lite PRO eXtruder to use this product.

This product includes the following parts:

  • 10100-04 – StealthBurner Front CPAP MOS PLUS
  • 10100-05 – StealthBurner Main Body
  • 10100-06 – StealthBurner PCB Cover
  • 10100-16 – StealthBurner Hotend Mount MOS PLUS Front A
  • 10100-17 – StealthBurner Hotend Mount MOS PLUS Front B
  • 10100-18 – StealthBurner Hotend Mount MOS PLUS Rear
  • 10100-21 – StealthBurner CPAP Hose Mount
  • 10100-22 – StealthBurner CPAP PCB Cover

Identifying the parts of this LGX Lite AfterBurner housing set:

Freight Weight 235 g
Dimensions 15.5 × 11.5 × 10.5 cm

Lite / Lite V2, Lite Pro



The plastic parts we supply with this Upgrade Kit are not fire proof.

The Magnum+ hotend is a high performance hotend that can reach very high temperatures if the proper working conditions are not met. Without proper cooling or heat dissipation if can create a fire hazard.

Be sure to read the "Mosquito Magnum+ and Conduct Hotends Health and Safety warnings" attached to your Magnum+ heat block.

If using two heater cartridges and/or in excess of 50 watts of heating power, then add a thermal fuse at an appropriate location to ensure as much safety as possible.

To know more about health and safety warnings about Magnum+ hotends from Slice Engineering

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