Bondtech XY-axis motion & LGX Lite Pro extruder upgrade kit for Creality K1 Max





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LGX Lite Pro Upgrade Kit for Creality K1 Max

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LGX Lite Pro Upgrade Kit for Creality K1 Max

Is your Creality K1 Max falling short?
You have a way to make it much better.
Improve speed, surface quality, versatility and durability.
Invest 0.5x to get 2x the value.
Buy this XY-axis and extruder upgrade.

To install on the Creality K1 Max, we recommend you also buy Bondtech CHT Vol nozzles.



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We took our time to study these K1 type of units.
We understood they are 3D printers with high potential but showcasing some critical and addressable flaws.
Not only the extruders under-performs, the XY-axis motion was also under-performing or compromised in all the units we examined. Another weak point detected was the z-belt tensioner that will break eventually.
For those reasons we didn’t limit ourselves to just find a way to install a Bondtech eXtruder on them.
We decided to turn these into competitive systems. To make them Bondtech upgraded Creality 3D printers that can outperform even their biggest Chinese competitor.
We truly believe we did it.
They become precious machines after the upgrade.

Upgrade based on Large Gears eXtruder LGX Lite Pro to use on the Creality K1 and K1C.

The LGX Lite Pro Upgrade Kit for Creality K1 Max plastic parts are made of grey Polyamide (PA12) filled with Glass beads and dyed in Black.

Product includes:

  • 1x LGX (Large Gears eXtruder) Lite Pro
  • 1x LGX Lite PRO Accessories for Creality K1 Max
    • 1x LGX Lite PRO X-Carriage for Creality K1/Max
    • 1x LGX Lite XHP-4 to Micro 4-PIN Adapter Cable
    • 1x Creality K1/Max X-Carriage Belt Retainer Right
    • 1x Creality K1/Max X-Carriage Belt Retainer Left
    • 1x Hardware Accessories for Creality K1/Max
    • 2x X-Rod for Creality K1 Max 382mm
    • 1x X-Rods Holder for Creality K1/Max Left
    • 1x X-Rods Holder for Creality K1/Max Right
Freight Weight 811 g
Dimensions 40 × 7.3 × 8 cm


This upgrade kit is compatible with the following 3D printers:

  • Creality K1
  • Creality K1C

Technical Data Sheet

Quick Start and Setup Guide

Click one image below to open/download a PDF file with the step by step guide that best fits your case.
Quick Start Guide
How to install the LGX Lite on the K1, K1 Max and K1C

Dimensions and weight

Gross weight: 811g
Net weight: 695g
Box dimensions (LWH): 403 x 78 x 84mm


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