Bondtech IFS Internal Filament Sensor Extruder for Prusa Mini or Mini+







IFS Extruder for Prusa Mini(+) IDGA

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IFS Extruder for Prusa Mini(+) IDGA

New Version WITH IDGA Shipping Now!

with new white plastic main gear and integrated drive gear for lower run-out

New Bondtech Internal Filament Sensor Extruder
for Prusa Mini.

This extruder is an evolution of our previous high-resolution extruder upgrade for the Prusa Mini.

Filament Sensor

The new filament sensor for Prusa Mini/+ may be mounted inside the extruder housing.

The IFS Extruder for Prusa Mini may be used without the filament sensor. With a simple process it is easy to later update it to fit the Prusa Filament Sensor inside.



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Upgrade Your Prusa Mini or Mini+

Upgrade your Prusa Mini/+ with a Bondtech Dual Drive extruder designed to seamlessly fit the original setup.

Filament Sensor Compatible

The Bondtech Internal Filament Sensor Extruder for Prusa Mini may embed the new Prusa filament sensor for Mini or Mini+ on its housing.
The extruder may be used with or without the filament sensor.

Hardened Drive Gears

Allows to use abrasive materials that would wear out the gears of your original feeder otherwise.

Adjustable tension

The thumbscrew tensioner allows the user to fine-tune the pressure exerted by the drive gears onto the filament. This gives you the power to adjust according to your preferences and to optimize for the type of material you are using.

More choice of materials

The hardened steel Dual Drive gears allow you to work with common and abrasive materials.

Included in this Kit

  • 1x Bondtech IFS extruder for Prusa Mini
  • 1x 10076-4 IFS Magnet Holder (PA12)
  • 1x 10076-5 IFS Lever (PA12)
  • 1x 15112 IFS Extruder Plug (HT-PLA)
  • 3x Black nylon zip-ties
  • 4x M3x35 black oxide steel screws
  • 1x M3x12 black oxide steel screw
  • 1x Brass motor gear
  • 1x Thumb Screw assembly

Not included in this Kit

  • Prusa Filament Sensor
  • Filament Sensor Magnets
  • Filament Sensor Steel Sphere

Community Sourced Design

The original Bondtech extruder for Prusa Mini design was proposed to us by Olof Ogland. This new IFS version was developed by Vecko Kojchevski on top of Olof’s work. It’s based on the thoroughly tested BMG (Bondtech Mini Geared) and adjusted to the Prusa Mini original design.

Product Info

EAN Code: 7350011413942
Net weight : 114g
Gearing ratio : 3:1
E-steps value : 415
Extruder Housing: SLS Printed parts in PA12;
Hinge: injection molded.

Freight Weight 155 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 cm


Upgrading Prusa Mini from Stock Extruder to Bondtech IFS Extruder

If you are installing the Bondtech IFS extruder and your Prusa still uses the stock extruder mind the following:

  • Attach the motor gear to the stepper motor correctly by following this video:

  • Swap 2 wires on the stepper motor cable by following this video:

    If you are using firmware 4.3.3 don’t perform this step. Use the parameter “Extruder Direction” to reverse the extruder direction instead (know more about it here).
  • Use the video below starting at 05:39.

Upgrading Prusa Mini from Bondtech Extruder to IFS Extruder

This guide may also be partially used to install the IFS Extruder for Prusa Mini.

Don’t forget to update the e-steps

If you are upgrading from stock extruder to IFS, you must update the e-steps value to 415.

When using firmware 4.3.3 or newer, update the e-steps value using the new Hardware Settings to customize the extruder. Check step 30 of our old setup guide for more guidance.
When using previous versions check steps Thirty Nine to Forty One on our Step By Step Guide.

E-steps and Klipper settings

For Klipper users

rotation_distance = full_steps_per_rotation * microsteps / steps_per_mm

rotation_distance = 200 * 16 / 415
rotation_distance = 7.71

The above calculation assumes the following parameters:

  • stepper motor is a 1.8 degrees motor hence 200 as full steps per rotation;
    • If you are using a 0.9 degrees stepper motor, replace full_steps_per_rotation with 400;
  • microsteps are set to 16;
  • e-steps value recommended for the BMG / DDX is 415.


Although we recommend to use the rotation_distance instead of the gear_ratio, we inform the BMG / DDX gearing ratio is 50:17 .


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