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DDX v3 PA12 Fan Shroud for 5015 Fans

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DDX v3 PA12 Fan Shroud for 5015 Fans

  • Made of PA12 (nylon);
  • Easier to install;
  • One screw fan mount;
  • Easier to adjust;
  • With front access adjustment screw;



Only 14 left in stock (can be backordered)

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The DDX v3 is much easier to install

With this integrated fan shroud and mount the DDX v3 is even easier to install.
Mount the fan to the shroud using one single screw.
Adjust the height of the shroud with one front access screw.

Included in this product

  • 1x 10079-5 DDX v3 Fan Shroud;
  • 1x M3 Square Nut
  • 1x M3x10 Button Head Screw
  • 1x M3x20 Screw

Freight Weight 14 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 cm

Compatibility Table

To use with 5015 radial fans.

Compatible with the following Creality 3D Printers:
  • CR-10 v2;
  • CR-10 v3;
  • Other printers using 5015 fans.

Video Guides

How Creality Fans Fit On The DDX v3 Fan Shrouds
These fan shrouds are not compatible with DDX v1 or v2.

To install the fan shroud on the DDX V3, and after levelling it, be sure to firmly tighten its screw so the fan shroud feels rock steady.

Download STL Model

Use the link below to download a FDM friendly STL model .

DDX V3 5015 Fan Shroud (for FDM)


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