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DDX PH3 Mosquito Upgrade

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DDX PH3 Mosquito Upgrade

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Upgrade your Creality hotend and DDX Direct Drive eXtruder with a full genuine Mosquito hotend to PHase 3.

Turn your Creality hotend into an all-metal.

Stop the issues created by the PTFE deformation when using temperatures above 220° C.

Improve the heat dissipation capacity and melt flow.

Use even shorter retractions.



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Product Includes:

Nozzle not included 🙂

Stock nozzles will not fit this hot block.
You need to upgrade the nozzles to the RepRap standard : M6x1x7.5×12.5

Compatible nozzles

The hot block included in this product is compatible with the RepRap standard of nozzles. Below is a list of compatible versions.
Click each link to open the related product page.

This DDX set is the right configuration to upgrade the stock hotend to PHase 3, with an original Mosquito™ hotend on any Creality using the Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder.

High Quality Components

Product is supplied with a Bi-metallic structure reinforced Mosquito™ hotend, a PA6 Laser Sintered DDX Adapter for Mosquito™, and a Brass Thermistor Adapter.

Hotend by

How To Change Nozzles

When changing nozzles with this hotend there is no need to immobilize the hot block before twisting the nozzle. You can screw in, or unscrew, the nozzles without holding the hot block steady, when using the recommended Torque Wrench.

Freight Weight 166 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 cm

Video Guides

The 4 PHases of DDX

What's in the Box

  • 1x Mosquito Hotend
  • 1x Bondtech DDX Adapter for Mosquito™
  • 1x Bondtech Brass Thermistor Adapter
  • 1x 1g bag of Thermal Paste

2 reviews for DDX PH3 Mosquito Upgrade

  1. madchip (verified owner)

    almost perfect,
    the quality is just magnificent,
    I was able to reuse the cable from the dds to the ddx by changing 2 small things, increasing the size of the cables by cutting a little bit the black sheath which surrounds the electric cables to have a little more electric wires.
    the 2nd thing to intervene the phases of the cable of the dds which feeds the motor so that it turns in the right direction for the ddx.

    for printing I always had the thermal protection of the heater which was activated when the side fan which is in my case a 5015, cooled the mosquitto too much and the printer went into safety. I had to change a thermal protection setting in marlin to prevent this. Will be resolved when I get the socks for the mosquitto.
    For the rest was a superb product, light, perfect quality, Bondtech made a very very good product 🙂

  2. madchip (verified owner)

    you can add that the mosquito is 100% compatible with olsson ruby or trianglelab ruby 🙂

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