Bondtech LGX™ Short Filament Path Print Head For Flexibles







LGX® Shortcut Copperhead™ Printhead

LGX® Shortcut Copperhead™ Printhead

Master All Materials * Excel With Flexibles

The LGX™ Shortcut Copperhead™ Printhead is a special unit that includes the LGX™ Large Gears eXtruder and the LGX™ Shortcut short filament path hotend based on Copperhead™, that will master all materials and excel with the soft and flexible.

EAN Code : 7350011413621

This LGX™ Print Head only supports 1.75 mm size filament.


LGX® Large Gears eXtruder

Each LGX™ extruder is supplied with:

  • 1x LGX™ feeder;
  • 1x Custom LDO Nema17 25mm pancake stepper motor
    (with PH-06AWJ connector);
  • 1x Bowden Interface Plug (with threaded metal push-fit);
  • 1x Direct Drive Interface Plug (for Slice Engineering hotends);
  • 1x 2mm Hex Key (recommended tool);
  • 1x Product Line Information Brochure;
  • 1x Powered By Bondtech sticker.

Now also shipping with additional accessories:

  • 3x M3x30 mm Low Head screws;
  • 4x M3x18 mm Stud with 5mm Hex with M3x4 thread;
  • 30mm PTFE tube to use in the Direct Drive Interface Plug.

This extruder only supports 1.75 mm size filament.

EAN Code : 7350011413607

LGX® Shortcut Copperhead™ Hotend

Designed With Flexibles In Mind

The LGX™ Shortcut Copperhead™ is a special hotend to be used with the LGX™ eXtruder.

With the LGX™ it forms a print head that will excel at printing ALL most common materials and especially the soft and flexible.

This LGX™ add-on only supports 1.75 mm size filament.

EAN Code : 7350011413614