Bondtech LGX Bowden eXtruder Upgrade Kit for Anycubic Mega-X







Bondtech LGX B for Anycubic Mega-X

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Bondtech LGX B for Anycubic Mega-X

Buy a bowden extruder that you can easily convert to a Direct Drive extruder later.
The required accessory to attach a Slice Engineering hotend is included.



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Product Includes:

Drop-in Replacement

This LGX™ based upgrade kit is a drop-in replacement of the stock bowden extruder. It requires no other accessory than the ones included in the LGX™ package.

Easy To Install

  1. Split the stepper motor from the extruder to install it on your Anycubic Mega-X.
  2. Place the mounting plate in between them.
  3. The extruder is installed up-side down, using the included Bowden Interface Plug.
  4. Set the e-steps value to 400 using g-code.

Leading Grip Power

The LGX™ is the Bondtech extruder with the highest filament grip due to its new large drive wheels that put more teeth engaging the filament.

Enjoy Bondtech’s Evolved Dual Drive Technology

Start using our newest extruder with our new Dual Drive Technology based on larger drive gears. This is only one of the 7 new features Bondtech implemented on an extruder.

7 new features on a Bondtech eXtruder:

  • Larger drive wheels, for increased filament grip;
  • Filament pre-tension lever, for repeated results;
  • Multi-function interface socket, for tool or application quick swap;
  • Drive wheels’ maintenance windows, for easy cleaning;
  • Compact, light & symmetric design, for increased performance and compatibility;
  • Multiple mounting hole patterns, for easy and flexible setup;
  • A small step for a greener Future, craft boxes without bleaching & no coating.

You can read more about the new features by clicking here.

3D Printed Housing using PA12

The housing parts are professionally printed with nylon for maximum strength and precision and higher temperature resistance.

Freight Weight 293 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 cm

Technical Specification

LGX™ extruder
  • e-steps value : 400 using 16 microsteps;
  • Drive wheels : hardened steel;
  • retraction speed : 35 mm/s
  • retraction distance (bowden) : ~5 mm (0.4 + tube length x 0.15)
  • Max operating temperature : 80°C
  • Max tightening torque on all screws is 0.3 Nm
  • LGX™ B net weight : 224 g
  • Package measurements : 80x103x73 mm
  • Package weight : 269 g
  • Download the LGX Technical Drawings here.
Custom Stepper Motor for Bondtech LGX
  • Requires cable with PHR-6 connector
  • 2 phases
  • DC 3.1 V
  • Max 0.7A / phase

      To use the LGX®, run the stepper motor with currents between ~0.45 and ~0.65A:

      Be vigilant regarding the stepper motor surface temperature.
      Keep it cool enough to touch. Lower Vref otherwise.

  • Class H motor, rated up to 180°C
    • Max recommended environment : 70°C
    • Max temperature at this environment temperature can go up to 130°C on account of the self heating.
  • Download the stepper motor Technical Data Sheet here.

How to change the Current using Vref

It is very hard to read the current being fed to stepper motors. To determine that current we rely on the Vref value. The Vref value is a voltage reference measured in VDC that can be read using a multimeter. It helps us setting the current output of the stepper motor driver.

Different 3D printer mainboards use different stepper motor drivers. Each type of stepper motor drivers has its own formula to calculate the required Vref to get a specific current. Here are some examples:

  • TMC stepper drivers.
    The formula for these drivers is Vref = ( I * 2.5 ) / Imax
    Where I is the target current value measured in A; and Imax is 1.77 on regular mode and 1.2 on SilentStepSticks mode.

  • Pololu A4998.
    The formula for these drivers is Vref = I * 8 * R
    Where I is the target current value measured in A; and R is the Sense Resistor value, that depends on what board are you using. Melzis use 0.1. The Creality Silent boards use 0.15, ...

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STEP Files To Download

Click the links below to download STEP files with simplified geometries of each available setup.


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