Dual Drive Gear Bondtech DDG V2 extruder for UltiMaker







Bondtech DDG V2 Extruder

Bondtech DDG V2 Extruder

A new and enhanced Bondtech DDG Extruder for Ultimaker 3D printers.

Drop-in replacement. Plug-and play. Very easy to install. Reversible.
No need for firmware updates.

This solution is a high performance extruder system with our Dual Drive Gear technology that provides slipping free material feeding. The adjustable tension mechanism allows to finetune the pre-tension for different filaments.

This extruder fits most UltiMaker models, from the UM2+ till the S7.

Can be used with and without the filament sensor.



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Special Features

The DDG V2 comes with special features of its own:

  • Space for housing the UM filament sensor inside;
  • Symetrical design to be reversible (standard can be re-assembled as mirrored and vice-versa);
  • Filament tension set with a 2mm hex key;
  • Pre-tension scale;

Hardened Steel Drive Gears

Like all other Bondtech Extruders, the DDG V2 features Nickel Coated hardened Steel Drive Gears to feed standard and abrasive materials with confidence and without wear.

Recycling the stepper motors

The original stepper motor of the printer will be reused and the extruder will be mounted at the same position and in the same mounting holes as the factory extruder making the installation easy and take less than 10 minutes.

2.85mm filament only

This upgrade kit is compatible with 2.85mm filament only.

Firmware Update

No firmware update is necessary.

Hardware Changes Required

No additional hardware changes are required on the UM S3, S5 and S7.
For the UM2+ and UM3 it is necessary to use the UM DDG Converter Cable to reverse the feeding direction.

What Version May You Need

Depending on the UltiMaker model you are upgrading, different versions may be necessary.
Check the list below:

  • For UM2+ : use 1x Standard plus the UM DDG Converter Cable
  • For UM3 : use 1x Standard and 1x mirrored plus the UM DDG Converter Cable
  • For UM S3 : use 1x Standard and 1x mirrored
  • For UM S5 : use 1x Standard and 1x mirrored
  • For UM S7 : use 1x Standard and 1x mirrored
Freight Weight 180 g
Dimensions N/A

Standard, Mirrored, Standard and Mirrored


The DDG V2 is compatible with the following 3D printer models:

  • Ultimaker 2+ series
  • Ultimaker 3 series
  • Ultimaker S3 series
  • Ultimaker S5 series
  • Ultimaker S7 series

The DDG V2 is also compatible with the following Ultimaker equipment:

  • Material Station

Product Alerts

On the UM2+, UM2+ Ext., UM3, and UM3 Ext. use the DDG V2 with the DDG V2 UM Converter Cable to reverse the feeding direction.

Quick Start & Setup Guides

Click one image below to open/download a PDF file with the step by step guide that best fits your case or need.

DDG V2 Quick Start Guide
How to install the DDG V2 extruder on UM2+ or UM3

Watch a video instead

How to install the DDG V2 Upgrade Kit on UltiMaker S3, S5 or S7

Watch a video instead


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