Adapter set to upgrade LGX Lite Arrow for Creality with Slice hotend







Arrow Hotend Upgrade Adapter Set

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Arrow Hotend Upgrade Adapter Set

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Mount a Slice hotend on your Creality
CR-6 SE, CR-6 Max or CR-10 Smart 3D printer.

Compatible with the LGX Lite Arrow for Creality

Plastic adapter made of grey Polyamide (PA12) with no dyeing featuring a wax protective coating.

Hotend not included.
A Slice Engineering hotend is required to use this set.

  • Copperhead (screw mount only)
  • Mosquito
  • Mosquito Magnum



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Product includes:

Mounting the the adapter

To the mount the adapter on the Strain Gauge plate, use the same screws that were holding the stock hotend.

To mount the hotend on the adapter, use the M2.5x6mm screws included in your Slice Engineering hotend.

Freight Weight 27 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 cm

Setup Guide

Setting Up The Arrow Hotend Upgrade Set

Apply the hotend adapter.
Mind the Hot Block orientation.

Step 1

Tighten the screws.
Don't overtighten.

Step 2

Apply the hotend mount.
Join it with the hotend adapter.

Step 3

Tighten the screws.
Don't overtighten.

Step 4

Apply the extruder
and extruder mount.

Step 5

Install the hotend cooling fan.
Mind the fan orientation.

Step 6

1 review for Arrow Hotend Upgrade Adapter Set

  1. (verified owner)

    Works great for the CR-6 except there are no threaded inserts or square nuts, so it’s relying on the two M3 screws to cut threads into the part which strips out after taking the hot end a few times.

    • Nuno Santiago

      Hi Jerimiah,
      Thank you for using your time to help us improve our products.

      Yes, it is true, the hotend mount threads onto the hotend adapter.
      We designed it that way because there wasn’t enough space for thread inserts or square nuts there.
      There was too little material left because we need to give space for the screws.

      We will however work on it a bit more, and find a way to add square nuts to the Mosquito adapter.
      Thank you again for your feedback.

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