Extended list of firmware update options for Creality 3D printers using DDX



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Firmware Updates For Creality


Firmware Updates for Creality Using DDX

Choose the right firmware for your Creality and DDX setup from 440 different options

Below you will find links to download firmware compressed archives to support using the DDX Direct Drive eXtruder on compatible Creality 3D printers, and many other after market upgrade options.

All machines with touchscreens require the installation of the touch screen DW firmware.
Do not update the firmware on your unit without updating the screen firmware as well.

Firmware for the Ender-6 is not available yet.

  1. Start by selecting your printer and expand the corresponding tab.
  2. find your files in the column that is indexed by thermistor in use
  3. Use the legend here to the right to match your setup with a file name.
  4. If you do not find the file you may try the Direct Download From Our Server below.
  5. If no fitting option can be found, then there is no available firmware support for your setup.
    Each shortcode below will signal the support of a firmware file to its corresponding feature. These are the available features:

  • 50W > 50W heater
  • ET > 300C thermistor
  • ST > 450C thermistor

  • BLT > BL Touch
  • EZABL > EZABL 18mm
  • 12MM > EZABL 12mm
  • 422 > 4.2.2 Mainboard
  • 427 > 4.2.7 Silent Mainboard

New version available now : 7.3.1

What is new:

  • Added SD file refresh button for users with damaged SD Detect Pins
  • Modified print finish button action to raise z by 5mm and disable steppers rather than rehome XY
  • Solve rounding issue with babystepping below step precision by forcing always round up caused by recent upstream change
  • Modified babystepping resolution for fine adjustment to .02mm from .01mm
  • Force file pages to reset paging value on entry to screen to prevent incorrect scrolling
  • Additional string length buffer safeties (prevent bad file names from causing hangs)

Before upgrading the firmware to a new version, upgrade the screen firmware to the lastest version first.

Select Your Creality 3D Printer


No specific setup available yet.

Direct Download From Our Server

If you do not find above a file that fits your setup, you may use a direct download to retrieve your file.
Depending on what Creality model you have, click an image with the list of available variants and search for the file that best fits what you need.

Use the browser address bar to link and download the file by adding its name (new version 7.3.1) to the following address:


List Of Available .hex Firmware Variants
List Of Available .bin Firmware Variants

Featured shortcodes

50W > 50W Slice heater;
ET > 300C Slice thermistor;
ST > 450C Slice thermistor;
PT > PT1000 Slice RTD;
BLT > BL Touch;
12MM > EZABL 12mm;
422 > 4.2.2 Mainboard;
427 > 4.2.7 Silent Mainboard;
DZ > E1 port repurposed for Z2 for use of G34 check info
SLNT > 5 Driver Atmega motherboard

Model shortcodes with .hex firmware files:

10SPro > CR-10S Pro;
10SProV2 > CR-10S Pro v2;
CR10Max > CR-10 Max;
Ender3 > Ender-3;
Ender5 > Ender-5;
E5P > Ender-5 Plus.

Model shortcodes with .bin firmware files:

E3 > Ender-3 Pro;
E3V2 > Ender-3 V2;
E5 > Ender-5 Pro.

Check this Teaching Tech video on how to update both printer and touch screen firmware on the CR-10S Pro, before downloading and updating any firmware, in case you don't know how to do it.

Click here to download the DWIN_SET archive (latest version) with the touch screen firmware.
( all DDX compatible models except Ender-3 V2 )

Click here to download the DWIN_SET archive with the touch screen firmware for Ender-3 v2.

Printers and screens firmware are supplied by our Partner Tiny Machines 3D in cooperation with Insanity Automation.

Find the Source Code in the Insanity Automation Github
and also the Release Notes.

We remind everyone there are 440 combinations available. Tests were performed on all the available printer models for each specific feature. Most of the combinations available were not tested together.

We ask for any Customer Support questions to be sent to us with this form.

Final Firmware Update Notes

  • When printing via SD card, You may experience issues with longer file names as RAM usage is higher. We are aware of this but the current solution is to keep your file names under 8 characters. Also, do not use your SD card as a storage device. Instead, keep the files stored remotely and only add frequently printed files to the card.
  • If the firmware version did not change, Initialize EEPROM manually through the Tools Menu (Settings>Tools). For example, DW7 updating to another variation of DW7 needs the EEPROM initialized. DW7 updating to DW7.1 does not as a version change will automatically clear the EEPROM.
  • After updating the firmware please verify the Levelling Sensor XY Offset values set on your unit, against the recommended values in the following document :
    Level Sensors OffSets for DDX
    You can learn about the added User Interface screens and how to change the offset values here.
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