Bondtech Presents Slice Engineering's Mosquito Hotend

Mosquito Hotend 24v

Mosquito Magnum hotend full set for 24v systems with optional cooling fan.

From: 236.34

Mosquito hotend

-- Now with new version --

Revised Features

  • New heat break with reinforced throat and revised radiator to prevent damage during installation and repairs
  • New heat sink with wider opening for the filament path to more readily accept multi-material setups like the Prusa MMU or Mosaic Palette.

Main Benefits

  • Superior heat break performance
  • Increased structural rigidity
  • Larger temperature operating range
  • Modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer
  • Ideal for multi-extrusion systems
  • Lightweight

Oh yeah, and you can change the nozzle with one hand.

Mosquito is only available for 1.75 mm filament at this time.

Mosquito HT Thermistor

Best In Class Component

  • Eliminates the need for high temperature RTD's or having two separate thermistors to maintain accuracy at both the low and high end of the temperature spectrum
  • Capable of reading from room temperature up to 450°C
  • 3 mm diameter cartridge, the de facto standard for sleeved thermistors
  • Supplied with 2m long bare leads
  • Now easy to install on virtually any printer.

Mosquito 24V 50W heater

Now shipping with 1.2m long bare leads.

  • Cartridge length: 22 mm;
  • Cartridge diameter: sized to fit into a 6mm H7 tolerance hole.
  • Bare leads with 1.2m in length.

Mosquito 24V fan – optional

  • High quality 25 mm box fan with Japanese bearings
  • 3.64 CFM
  • Genuine Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 connector
  • Mounts directly to Mosquito or Mosquito Magnum hotend with included hardware
  • Available in 12V or 24V configurations
  • 1 m extension cable included.