DDX Phase 4

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These upgrade sets are focused on heater and thermistor upgrade by replacing the stock parts with Slice Engineering 50w heaters and 300°C thermistor.

Owners re-use the stock fans.

Firmware update is required.
Check below for available firmware files

Cabling update is required : from stock to custom cables with Creality compatible connectors.

Compatibility table

DDX PH4 Upgrade KitsCompatible with
DDX PH4 24v 300C for Ender 5Ender-5 and Ender-5 Pro units
with DDX and Copperhead™ or Mosquito™ hotends.
DDX PH4 24v 300C for CR-10(S)Pro/MaxCR-10S Pro, CR-10S Pro v2, CR-10 Max,
Ender-3, Ender-3 v2; and Ender-3 Pro units
with DDX and Copperhead™ or Mosquito™ hotends.

Firmware Downloads

Check this video from Teaching Tech on how to update both firmware on the CR-10S Pro, before downloading and updating any firmware, in case you don't know how to do it.

Use the firmware files below, only with the mentioned Creality 3D printers when upgraded with a Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder and the right PH4 heater and thermistor upgrade kit.

Click here to access our OneDrive to download the files and folder:
The Folder "Hex Files" contains the mainboard firmware files mentioned and named below.
The folder "DWIN_SET" you need to download (compressed) to update the LCD firmware, is inside the folder named "Screen Files for All".
Firmware is supplied by our Partner Tiny Machines
We ask for any Customer Support questions to be sent to us with this form.
Printer ModelMainboard FirmwareLCD Touch Screen Firmware
Creality CR-10S ProDownload file 10SPro_DDX_Th5_115baud.hexDownload folder DWIN_SET
Creality CR-10S Pro v2Download file 10SProV2_DDX_Th5_115baud.hexDownload folder DWIN_SET
Creality CR-10 MaxDownload file CR10Max_DDX_Th5_115baud.hexDownload folder DWIN_SET
Creality Ender-5 PlusDownload file E5P_DDX_Th5_115baud.hexDownload folder DWIN_SET
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