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These extruder upgrade kits are supplied with all the parts required to upgrade a Creality 3D printer from bowden to direct drive.

Owners re-use the stock thermistor, heater, hotend, nozzle and fans.

No firmware update is required. E-steps value needs update to 415.

DDX v3 is coming

Late first week of March, we will have available to order, and shipping, the DDX v3. The V3 will be compatible with more models, starting with the Ender-6; deliver the same quality and form factor of previous versions; and introduce a new and much easier setup process.

Compatibility table

DDX PH1 Upgrade KitsCompatible with
DDX for CR-10(S)Pro/MaxCR-10S Pro; CR-10S Pro V2; CR-10 Max
DDX for Ender/CR-10(S)Ender-3; Ender-3 v2; Ender-3 Pro;
Ender-5; Ender-5 Pro; Ender-5 Plus;
CR-10; CR-10 Mini; CR-10S; CR-10 S4; CR-10 S5;

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