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Firmware Updates For Wanhao

Wanhao is a popular chinese manufacturer that presents many interesting models in their product line. Bondtech has available some Wanhao upgrades based on our Bondtech Mini Geared (BMG) extruder, to which we add value by increasing the reliability and performance extrusion of the units. The extra extrusion power and resolution we add to the Wanhao units requires some firmware changes on the Wanhaos powered by Bondtech.

Updating a printer firmware may be challenging for some people, but with this article we want to make the process more accessible.

This list may be updated if there is a new firmware update from Bondtech. Older versions will stay on bottom, and the new on top.

Use only firmware that matches your hardware setup.

Instructions On How To Choose The Right Firmware:

  1. Identify which Bondtech extruder you are using to upgrade your Wanhao;
  2. Select the according extruder kit tab on the left.

  3. Identify your Wanhao model;
  4. Select the according Wanhao model in the accordion tab on the bottom.

Updating Wanhao models with the Wanhao D6 kit

The Wanhao D5 kit uses a gear reduction to create high extrusion resolution and high torque. Because of this, the E-step value needs to be increased from 96 to 415. The E-step is the value that tells the printer how many steps to send to the motor for each mm of filament. Adding this upgrade kit increases the extrusion resolution above 4 fold.

Because the new extruder pushes out the stepper motor, there is a shorter Y axis available. The Y max position is 183mm.

Because we are using a geared extruder we need to reverse the direction in which the stepper motor turns, otherwise the motor will rotate the wrong way.

Summary of Bondtech Specific Changes

  • Set E-step to 415: #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {80,80,400,415}
  • Set Max Y axis to 183mm: #define Y_MAX_POS 183
  • Reverse direction of extruder motor: #define INVERT_E0_DIR true
For Wanhao D6 MK2

< click this image to download the firmware archive for Wanhao D6 MK2

Use Cura to install this Marlin based Custom Firmware
The update process is similar to the one we have in the Creality Firmware Update Guide. Click the image to read it.