03 May: Load / Unload script

In order to load or unload the filament in your printer a simple G-code script can be used. Thees script can be copied to your SD-Card and be executed by simply selecting to print the specific program and it will be executed accordingly. Name your file so something that is easy to remember and maybe also put them in a…

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10 May: Come and see Bondtech

Today and tomorrow we are exhibiting at Värnamo Industriexpo, come meet us and see what we can help you with. You will meet us in LPV Verktygsmaskiner AB facility at Västbovägen 53 in Värnamo. Welcome  


28 Apr: 3D printer extrusion problem

A lot of the people who visit our website, have a 3D printer extrusion problem. Unreliable extrusion is a universal problem and that is why we have made a solution for it. We noticed that there were some problem with the extrusion when we built our own 3D printer, after the patents that was connected to the FDM technology was…


13 Apr: 3D printing community helped Michael

Michael Hackney is one of Bondtech’s customers, who had a problem which were solved by Bondtech’s extruders. He found Bondtech in a 3D printing community. Here is his story: “I have been involved with the 3D printing community for over 7 years. I wrote the original assembly guide for the SeeMeCNC H1 3D printer and am a moderator in their…


24 Mar: Pressrelease – The newest extruder for 3D-printing

Bondtech is launching a new extruder for 3D-printing that combines low weight with high feeding capacity, together with their proven and highly celebrated Dual-Drive technology for maximum performance without grinding and slipping. This new design gives the markets best force to weight ratio, which will give the most responsive and best solution for feeding material with high reliability and performance….

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17 Mar: The founder of Bondtech has a big interest in 3D technology

Martin Bondéus is the founder of Bondtech. As a child Martin had a big interest in technology. Besides carpentry he also liked to tinker with cars, mopeds and build radio controlled airplanes. He studied a four year technical program in school and after a few other jobs, he began working as a production engineer at AGÅ-machines, who manufactures components in…


17 Jan: New mount for Ultimaker printers!

Stepper motors natural behavior that it moves in steps instead of a continues motion does generate vibrations that transforms to sound giving it it´s classical sound. In some applications a more quiet operation is needed and we have been working to find a solution for this. On the Ultimaker printers where the extruder is mounted on the back plate the…