A Direct Drive eXtruder from Bondetch for most of the Creality 3D printers





Bondtech DDX for Creality

Bondtech DDX for Creality

A Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality

Bondtech is about to release a new family of Upgrade Kits. The DDX for Creality will target most of the Creality 3D printers and enable them with a Direct Drive setup.

The DDX is based on our popular and well tested Bondtech Mini Geared (BMG) extruder and will provide the upstanding resolution and push-force it is known for.



The DDX for Creality will target the following models of the Ender product line:

  • Ender-3
  • Ender-3 Pro
  • Ender-5
  • Ender-5 Pro
  • Ender-5 Plus
  • Ender-6



The DDX for Creality will also target the following models of the CR product line:

  • CR-6
  • CR-10
  • CR-10S
  • CR-10 S4
  • CR-10 S5
  • CR-10 Max
  • CR-10 Mini
  • CR-10S Pro
  • CR-10S Pro V2
  • CR-X

The DDX product line has a common eXtruder, and a limited number of variations implemented at the level of hotend and fan mounts and adapters. The compatibility will depend on the hotend and X-Carriage plate the models use. A list will be supplied, in the respective product pages, and expanded as soon as we have verified compatibility.

These mounts and adapters will be sold as standalone parts, for a particular set of models.
Two main variations will be released first.
One that fits models like the Ender-3, and another that fits models like the CR-10S Pro.

The DDX is supplied with a 25mm pancake Nema17 stepper motor, but without hotend.
Customers will have 3 choices:

  • to use the original hotend;
  • to use Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum;
  • to use the upcoming Copperhead;

This product line is expected to be pre-launched during the 1st week of May.

Pre-launch of 50 units only, will start next Tuesday, 12th May

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    • Nuno Santiago says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for sending us your request.
      This is something we cannot manage through comments or email request.
      Please note that pre-orders are expected to start upcoming Tuesday the 12th.
      We will post on our Facebook page immediately after the products are online.
      For you to pre-order we ask you use the product page as soon as it is online.

      Thank you again David.

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